Understanding online roulette

  • Jul 24, 2021

Roulette is a popular game among most gamblers for its range of payouts. You can play it on mobile phones, desktops,and tablets. To play online Roulette, create your free account on https://www.onlinecasino-coin.co .

These days this game can be played on most forms of mobile phones such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, etc. Most modern browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc. support online Roulette.

Roulette is played on a revolving wheel. This wheel is divided into several numbered sections from 0 to 36. In American roulette, there are 37 sections. There is also a betting table.

Starting the game

You begin the game by revolving the wheel on the table and dropping a ball upon it. Players lay bets on the number (s) on which the ball would come to rest.

Online roulette betting table

You can see all the numbers and their combinations in this betting table. There are individual numbers as well as their broad groupings such as Odd/ Even, Red or Black, etc.

Inside and Outside Bets

There are two kinds of bets you can place. Inside bets are on individual numbers on the betting table. These bets have very low bets but very high payouts.

Outside bets are placed on number combinations located on the outer part of the betting table. This kind of bets have high odds but very low payouts. Continue reading this guide.

Examples of bets

Let's say, you place a Single Bet. This means you are betting on one single number. If your bet comes true, your payout would be 16:1. There are other Inside Bets too.

Outside Bets in online roulette

One example of such a bet is the Red or Black bets. This means you are laying bets on all the numbers painted in Red. The payout in this case is 2:1.

Online Roulette strategies

There are several strategies to ace your online Roulette game. Some of these are James Bond strategy, D'Lambert strategy, Martingale, and Reverse Martingale. Another popular strategy is the Fibonacci strategy.

Online Roulette and bonuses

With the right bonuses, you can win your online roulette game. A bonus is virtual money that helps players in their betting activities. There are several bonuses available to new and existing players.

Welcome Bonuses in online roulette

When you sign up with a licenced casino, you might receive a welcome bonus. This virtual money could be Deposit based or be a No Deposit Bonus. Some casinos also give free spins.

Loyalty and High Roller Bonuses

When you continue playing on your casino for a long time, you get entitled to its Loyalty Bonus. Players who like to wager big sums of money might also receive High Roller Bonuses.

Tips to play online roulette safely

Never lay stakes on public Wi-Fi. Always prefer licenced gambling websites. Start your gambling journey with small monies. Pull back when you hit a winning streak. Never play online roulette while drunk.

Online Roulette and how it works